thalgo aromaceane full body massage – lymph drainage techniques using aromatic oils also incorporates reflex activity and pressure point massage. Choose from Aroma, Slender, Detox, Vitality or Relax. 1 hour £45

thalgo aromaceane back and neck massage – a de-stressing relaxing massage using intensive aromatic oils for maximum effect. 30 minutes £25

traditional indian head massage – perfect for relieving stress or tension, migraines, headaches and general well being. 45 minutes £30

body polish – for a special occasion or pre holiday indulgence. This includes Thalgo body exfoliation then finishing with an application of luxury body balm, cream or oil. 30 minutes £35

rebalancing back treatment – deep cleansing treatment including a Thalgo exfoliation and marine algae mask which rebalances oily congested skin. 45 minutes £35

frigi thalgo – the ultimate cold wrap for intensive silhouette refining, highly effective in removing excess fluid from the hip and thigh area. Excellent for the relief of tired and heavy legs. 1 hour £45 course of six £245

thalgomince wrap – combined with micronised marine algae, marine and plant extracts to strengthen the elasticity of the skin and reduce fatty deposits. 1 hour £45 course of six £245

thalgomince pregnancy wrap – this skin conditioning body treatment helps prepare the skin for pregnancy by enriching the upper layers with marine extracts and Vitamin E. £45 course of six £245